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Re: 3B in a 83 URq

Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <3485812A.B9DBBFDC@deltanet.com> "Paul E. Rivera" writes:
> > Anyone on this list experienced the difficulties of installing a 3B in a
> > UR-Q?
> Audi did - they called it the 'RR'.  A set of post-1990 ur-quattro parts fiche
> would seem to be a good idea.
> > Negotiating a deal on a 83 Ur-Q. I must be nuts.
> Goes without saying.
> --
>  Phil Payne
>  Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

  Thanks for the information and reply.
I have given a deposit, so I guess I am in.
83, Black, 145K Miles, everything works. New Turbo, Brakes, Hydraulics, etc.
Interior is Tan leather, along with the Sun dried dash. Mucho cracks, but the
seats are great.

The Mrs. does not know yet my future driveway partner.

3B or not 3B? Probably not. If I want a 3B in a Ur-Q, I'll grey market import a 90
or 91 from Europe.

Cheers! For the sound of my bank account rushing dry.

Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
90 V8
91 200 TQW