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A4 owners pool accessory orders for volume discount ?

Dear friends,
I, being a new ' 97 A4TQ owner am going to eventually buy the following

17" wheels and tires
Lowering suspension
Aerodynamic body add ons 
CD player, amp, speakers
Free flow exhaust
Engine mods to 200 hp

It seems like a lot of owners are doing some or all of the above and it would
foolish to order all of this stuff  as individuals.
Is anyone interested in participating in a volume buying group ?
The group could approach vendors such as TAP, Hoppen, Tire Rack,  and all the
rest of the good Audi suppliers
I would be willing to collect all names and wants and approach the suppiers
for discounts...........unless one of us or more has contacts at the supplier
level and wants to help too.
Let me know if there is any interest in your participation.
Bradley Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA
' 97 A4TQ