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My 1885 UR Quattro 4 Sale

well Audi -ites...... it is time to re-post my intention to sell my 85 TCQ...
a pampered baby with 60K on the clock.

I posted it several months ago and had the normal if you want to GIVE it away
I MIGHT be interested stuff.... as well as  the send me info and I will call.
Several even said  they wanted to stop by and look at it...... but nary a soul
has braved the heat and traffic in LA to even peek at him. My friend that even
wanted it.. and who has known the car since it was a baby and wanted it more
than anything.....has flaked. (wife U know) !

Men....sheeze. I have never seen a bigger bunch of cyber tire kickers in my
life. I resisted placing an ad in a paper in the hopes that there would be at
least ONE deserving individual out there who was good enough to have my car,
but alas it seems not. Do I need to go outside the Audi family to find someone
worthy ???? 

So one last time...  he is a white 1985 Euro Spec car, custom ordered at Audi,
and shipped here BY Audi !!!!!  When it was new it was EVEN covered by the
factory warranty here in the states... not one other Grey market car had that
distinction that I can recall !

The good  :

No cruise control, no sunroof. All grey Sport Quattro interor w/factory
Recaro's. Black out rear lites, and 16 inch BBS Moda wheels. Original paint
and always garaged. Never in snow. No rust as one fellow asked... for god's
sakes it's a Calif car.  

The bad:

I CANNOT sell it here in CA due to not keeping the license current and CA has
a terrible system that has you  paying zillions in fines for not doing so. I
also have 2 exhaust systems.... one  w/cats that was modified to cert it as
well as one that is all euro and on the car now... 

So that's it in a nutshell... It is a VERY unique car for a true
discriminating Audi-phile.....anyone interested ?????? or do I trade it in on
a Jeep in CO ?