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Old AUDIs ('84 Coupe GT and '81 5000) for sale (FOR PARTS)

Hi!  I have two old AUDIs available for parts:
	'84 Coupe GT, non-turbo, non-quattro, 5-speed

I had a rather minor accident on that (truck backed up on me), so I
had to replace the front bumper. I took the bumper off, was driving it
like that looking for a replacement one, but then my GF hit the wall
with its right-front side and, as you can imagine, it has pretty bad
damage to that corner (hood, fender, body, suspension). Still movable

It has recently rebuilt lower block, relatively new clutch,
transmission is OK, engine was honed up to 2.6 liters (stock 2.2),
many other new parts.

I sincerely loved that car, wish the remnants would go to someone who
cares instead of rotting on a junk yard...

	'81 5000 (they were the size of 4000 that time, but with 5
	cyl. engine) 

On this one body is beaten-up as well, automatic transmission is dead,
engine must be running. It was rusting on a drivaway for two years
(being a source of parts for the Coupe), time to get rid of that as

Both are located on Long Island, NY (Port Jefferson area)

Make your offer! I do not read the list too often, so please Cc: to my
mail account.

P.S. I'm driving a '93 Passat GLX now. Driving with automatic on a car
this size is sooo boooooring in comparison to my Coupe ( :~-( sigh)...
But I hope with auto my GF will not crash it that soon... Hope to get
a TQC just for myself as soon as I get any extra money... :)


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