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Re: Bogus Fuel Pump Relay in '86 5kcstq

Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:

> The fuel ump relay in my 5kcstq has the slot in top for the fuse
> used to start the ECU code-pulling sequence. But doing so did not
> work. I removed the relay, and took the cover off of it to find
> that there were no contacts to hold the fuse in, and neverappear
> to have been any!
> Anyone seen this before? 

Egads! ESP. I was about to post the same message, my 87 5KT has the same
situation. I investigated further and found that there are no wires to
those terminals in the relay block. With the throttle switches inclosed
on this model I could not attempt the earlier method of code pulling,
i.e. engage both idle and full throttle switches, then step on brake
Any info out there in Q-land?

84 5KT
87 5KT