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Re: Brake Parts questions about 84 Coupe GT

> Secondly, I want to replace the rear wheel cylinders. My old
> IPC catalog (they're now TPC) gives the part # as 861.611.053A,
> while the EuroSelect catalog seems to offer only a "catch-all"
> part number of 321.611.051A.

Geez, I thought by '84 coupes had 4 wheel discs.  Anyway, if it's of any
use to you, my '82 coupe has drums, and the brake parts are generic VW
pieces, and Cheap.  which is good, 'cause they aren't Durable.  I
replaced my shoes (about $18) and cylinders (about $20) three years ago,
my state inspection three days ago turned up worn out shoes and a
leaking cylinder on the right.  Gotta put new rear tires on anyway, so I
guess I get nice and dirty next week.  Those prices were for both sides,
and my neighbor keeps them in stock (for Jettas, Golfs etc.).  That's
why the "catch-all" number - they fit a huge number of vehicles.

Hey, ignore all this if your coupe isn't like mine, OK?

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe