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new to list and shopping for A4Q

hello all:

For the past 12 years I have been an avid VW owner. All of my cars: (83
scirocco, 90 g-60 corrado, 96 passat GLX) were modified and pampered often
times to the point of obsession. I have recently been seriously considering
selling my current VW (passat), breaking tradition and get an Audi A4Q. 

I have spent a lot of time checking out web sites and very recently subscribed
to your list to learn more about the cars. I have gotten to know my local Audi
dealer and taken numerous A4s out for test drives. Today, after my dealer
finally got one in, I drove a 5speed 2.8Q with the sport suspension and fell
in love almost instantly. I am now in serious need of this car. I should have
never driven one. It is too late, now I have to get one of my own. 

I would first however like to hear from some of you guys and hopfully get some
questions answered and any other advice that could help me finalize my

Here goes:

1) I am curious what other buyers have had to pay for a 2.8 in reference to
the base msrp? (I am being told that it is 28,390 for 1998) I also found a
website that claims the invoce base price is 24,944. Is this acurrate?

2) Has anyone had their warranty voided for the installation of an aftermarket
chip. I am really asking if there is a way for an Audi dealer to detect that
one has been installed.

3) Has anyone installed a TAP chip on a 2.8? (a claimed 17 hp) How well does
the car respond to that chip upgrade? Are there any other tuners who make 2.8
chips that anyone has installed and would recommend?

4) What about throttle body modifications or Cams? 

5) How well do the heated seats work? Is the "all weather package" worth 630$

that should do it for now, 
thanks in advance for all the valuable feedback and advice.

Charlotte, NC