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re: Coupe rear wheel cylinders

Al the Powell said:
> Geez, I thought by '84 coupes had 4 wheel discs.  Anyway, if it's of any
> use to you, my '82 coupe has drums, and the brake parts are generic VW
> pieces, and Cheap.  which is good, 'cause they aren't Durable.  I
> replaced my shoes (about $18) and cylinders (about $20) three years ago,
> my state inspection three days ago turned up worn out shoes and a
> leaking cylinder on the right.  Gotta put new rear tires on anyway, so I
> guess I get nice and dirty next week.  Those prices were for both sides,
> and my neighbor keeps them in stock (for Jettas, Golfs etc.).  That's
> why the "catch-all" number - they fit a huge number of vehicles.

Coupes didn't have rear discs until '87 (grumble, snarl, cheap
Can't imagine why you're going through brake shoes so quickly though.
Maybe your adjusters are too enthusiastic. The 84 CGT I recently sold
still had (no lie) it's original shoes on it after 200,000 miles, and my
86 is at 125,000 with probably half the shoe life left. Haven't put
cylinders on the 86 yet, but did have to do one on the 84 prior to sale. 
The quality of the cylinder naturally will determine it's longevity, so
I'd opt for a German made version instead of a Brazilian or Singapore
one unless you're getting rid of it like I did with the 84.
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