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Odd loose connectors in the engine bay of my 200T


Thanks to everyone with the help I got from the "Wozzat pipe?"
and the "WOT switch" threads. I seem to be running the following:

	1990 (89) 200T
	1x knock sensor
	no O2 (lambda) sensor
	Engine number MC 049 018
	2226cc I5

Does this surprise some people? Can I get more info pertaining
to this engine number? Scott M. has helped by indicating that
the range of numbers would show  a 8.4:1 compression ratio,
dual knock sensor and K24 turbo setup.

Now, back to the scheduled programs. I can spot about 3 connectors
in the engine bay that are not connected to anything. Since I don't
have a decent enough manual (only have Haynes for the 200 up to
89) I cannot determine what these connectors are for or whether they
have popped off from somewhere.

I'm assuming qlisters know about those tubular type connectors,
normally black with different colour clips to hold the female and
male plugs together. Ok, here goes the description of these plugs:

Standing in front of the 1990 200T (with 1 knock sensor, no
O2 sensor, MAC13 ECU, engine number MC 049 018 :) ) and looking
on the right hand side of the motor I see the following 2

        1. A round (tubular) connector with a purple clamp,
           it is a female plug and has 4 cross shaped pin-in
           connections, approx diameter is 2 cm, it is
           at  the rear of the block about inline with the
           ignition coil. There does not seem to be any
           male connector for the plug. Not to be mistaken
           with the 2 smaller tubular purple-clipped plugs in
           the same region.
        2. About the same region as the purple-clipped plug
           is a white plug of the same type as that which
           is on the idle/WOT switch on the throttle, except
           that this switch only has slots for 2 pins and is
           white. It joins into a wiring tube and heads towards
           the radiator/aircon region in the front of the
           engine bay. Here is exits the tubing and  heads down
           under the fan shroud. I went under and tried to follow
           it. It comes down and to the front of the radiator
           region when it turns up into the mass of belts and
           pumps which I associate with the aircon infront of the
           radiator. There is no matching male connector in the
           engine bay for this white connector.

What can these 2 be for?

The third plug is easier to describe. Behind  the fan motor, the
wires come off the motor connections and go into wire tubing
together with a set of wires connected to a small tubular, purple-
clipped and 2-pronged connector. Again, no obvious connection to
connect to. What does this normally connect to?

Hope I've given enough clues and details.


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