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Re: Questions about 86 4kcs

> --trunk shocks: The shocks that work the trunk are completely shot. At
> first I thought this would be an easy project but now I am beginning to
> wonder about it. What am I looking at for a pair of these shocks and is
> the replacement simple?

You can get the shocks at Carlsen for about $20 each with q-list
discount. Actually not as hard to install as it looks. You need a
smallish flatblade screwdriver and a lot of patience. When you get the
new ones observe the little locking clip. There is a slot used to pry it
up slightly. On the old shocks you can rip the clip off completely to
aid removal. On the new ones, you only want to lift it slightly to allow
the post  to go in the socket. I found it easiest to hook the new one up
in the inside (front of car) first and then hyperextend the trunk lid
against the rubber stops to line up the closer post where I could see it
better. A very useful repair. No more trying to hold the heavy lid up
with one hand while holding the baby in the other and getting stroller
with third hand.
'91 200 tq (springs on trunk lid, struts on bonnet)
'86 4kq )working trunk struts)
'84 4k (springs on trunk lid)