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That Audi designer......

Yes I _really_ want to meet him, if someone else will hold him down, I've got 
the nails.....

Today I have spent 6 hours replacing the clutch m/c on my Ur-q and am now able 
to display the scars - both hands look as though they have spent sometime in a 
mincing machine. This job was probably one of the most awkward and long-winded 
exercises that I have ever had to perform on a motor vehicle. For those on the 
list who only have to cope with the lhd set up, it took over two and a half 
hours to get the sucker out. I was hampered by the lack of instructions, 
diagrams etc, but now that I've BTDT and I know where all the fixings are, I 
think that I could take a good hour off the time, possibly two if it was 
during the summer.

While I was in there, I noticed that the brake pedal return spring looked as 
if it was incorrectly fitted, one end was fitted to the pedal ok, but the 
other was fitted to the clevis pin which joins the levers to the rod that runs 
across the car behind the heater. This doesnt lppk right to me, where should 
the other end fit?

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro