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Re: Winter wondering

Orin Eman wrote:

> > 2.  Boost pressure.  The highest (and commonly seen) boost pressure on the display is 1.3 bar.  Is this normal (for a stock vehicle)?
> It's normal.  The display is usually inaccurate and the max boost allowed
> by the computer is 1.43 bar, so a display of 1.3 is normal...  however,
> it is possible, though unlikely that your display is accurate and
> your WOT switch isn't working.  This would prevent the computer from
> allowing maximum boost.  What does your display read with the ignition
> on, before you start the car?  0.9 or 1.0?

Any correction to fix an errant boost gage? My 87 registers 0.9 before
you start.
Sounds like an offset adjustment for the op-amp thats driven by the
pressure sensor.

Anyone have access to schematics for the ECU?


84 5KT
87 5KT