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Re: Power outside door mirrors on 82 4000S not working

> The power door mirrors on my 82 400S are not working. I tested the
> switch and there is no power to the switch. The owners manual and
> diagram on the fuse panel do not show which fuse or relay is connected
> to the switch. Does any one have any ideas what to look or test for or
> which wires I shouild be looking/testing. The wires may be broken going
> from the car to the door but without a wiring diagram I'm lost at where
> I should be looking(I don't want to take it apart without knowing which
> wires go where).

First, get a Bentley (not the car, the manual)

Second, anyway, look at your fuse box.  There should be some fuses
piggybacked into relay sockets above the regular row of fuses.  This is
where the "extra" stuff is fused on our EEAs (early eighties Audis). 
The power wire to the mirrors was yellow last time I looked, but it
might change color on the way to the fuse box (via a connector).

OK, Bentley in hand.

I'll try again.  The main juice wire is an 18 GA red/blue wire.  There
is an 8 A fuse, NOT in the fuse box (it should be where i described),
the wire to it comes from connection "H" on the fuse box.  "H" is the
bank of battery (always 12v) terminals on the back of the fuse box.  All
the "H" wires are solid red.


Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe