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RE: 4k rear spoiler


Call Erebuni Corp. in New York.  They have an exact copy of the OEM
trunk spoiler.  I have never dealt with them and don't know their
prices, but it might be worth a try.  According the catalog I have, it
says 4000 1PC OEM Style RS #5.  Their phone # 800-624-0040


<<I am considering adding a rear spoiler (a la quattro) to the trunk of
86 4000 cs (NOT quattro). Is there drilling involved and is this 
advisable? I called three dealers here in San Francisco and was given
outrageous prices of anywhere between $594 and $673 for the rear
A used one in Sacramento is running $75. Both come primed in need of a 
paint job. Is anybody faimilar with this procedure? Any advice?

Thanks in advance
Mike Victor