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Re: I love my wife

    Are we talking of early climaxs or brake bleeding
paul rogers

Lee Levitt wrote:

> At 10:26 AM 12/7/97 -0500, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> >I can't complain though, my wife bought me Koni shocks for my RX7 when we
> >were first married.  She bought the fronts, and her parents bought me the
> >rears.  They were incredulous that I would be so excited about
> >"shock absorbers."  She usually gets me stuff for the car, or my guitar
> >every Christmas. :-)
> My wife isn't quite so car savvy...she couldn't care less what she drives,
> so I get to decide :)
> OTOH, she just doesn't get the interest in inanimate objects...a buddy of
> mine gave me a 24" breaker bar for my birthday a while back, and she
> couldn't figure out why I was so pleased. It *was* a Craftsman... :)
> >
> >I do love my wife :-)
> Yes, what would we do without them. Who else would pump brake fluid all
> over our upturned faces, underneath the car, at 10 PM with an important
> meeting the following morning :)
> "Not yet honey, not yet!!!!" :)
> Lee
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