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Odd loose connectors in the engine bay

>...... I can spot about 3 connectors
>in the engine bay that are not connected to anything. Since I don't
>have a decent enough manual (only have Haynes for the 200 up to
>89) I cannot determine what these connectors are for or whether they
>have popped off from somewhere.

     Make sure you know what they are supposed to do before you plug them up
to anything, including one another.  My black '87 5K CS has two electrical
connectors under the hood that look like they should fit together.  So my
friendly mechanic plugged them together for me when he repaired my a/c last
year.  Blew out two fuses when I turned on the lights and tried to use turn
signals.  I still don't know what they're for, but they are now COVERED with
electrical tape and duct tape so no one else will try to help me......
     There are several other loose connectors under the hood.  I've learned to
ignore their existence.