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Re: My A6's design oops....

>Finally, I conceded the spare would NOT come out, blocked by the third
>seat's frame.  I pulled out the socket set, and removed the seat.  On the
>road, this would have been a real pisser to discover.  I have a suspicion
>the lugnut wrench provided may have fit that bolt, but it was wedged under
>the spare where I could not see it until AFTER I got the tire out.  If so
>it will find a more convenient home.  Booh, hissssss to Audi's engineers.

I had a similar problem removing the spare from my Ur-Q ... I've
double-checked and it's the correct size but the only way I could get it out
of its cubby-hole was to deflate it first.  Not exactly helpful if you are
on the road and trying to fix a flat tire...

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