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Re: My weekend with K&N

> > Also, still wandering if anyone on the list had ever had a look
> > at the Jamex K-Jetronic induction kit, it seems to be a
> > whole-box replacement filter.
> Never heard of it.  It sounds interesting.  I'd like to find out
> more about it myself.
> Is it anything like the TAP box replacement cone filter?


Finally I have some news on these things from Jamex. Just received
a friendly mail saying that Jamex Holland make these airbox
replacement jobs for the Euro Spec 80 and 90 4 and 5 cylinder cars.
They don't think it will fit the 200 I have.

Here is some info from the e-mail:

> We've tested it on several Audi 80's and 90's (Euro spec) 4 and 5
> cylinder and had only positive read-outs on the Dyno . In power and
> torque !! ( 5-13 BHP )
> Since your car is an 200 T , we do not have a Powerplus for your car ,
> sorry 
> - Your car has to be an Audi 80 or 90 or equivalent type ,
> - The original filter-size has to be 337 x 135 mm , no more , no less

What I'd  like to know is how different is the air box for the
80/90 and the 5000/100/200?

I am going to contact Ivor at TAP by e-mail to get the price on that
airbox cone conversion of his. From the images on the TAP site it looks
like a lot of the box volume has been removed and more and better
flow has been put into the design.

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