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Re: I love my wife...

Lee Levitt adds:

> My wife isn't quite so car savvy...she couldn't care less what she drives,
> so I get to decide :)

Ah, yes...

I recently noted that I was going to sell my '86 911 Cab to pay for a
5-speed V8Q and a bunch of upgrades, being that I prefer all-wheel drive in
its more common Quattro variant over the V8 "Tres" variety so recently
introduced into the family by the Faire Dora.

Now for the four years prior to this, the poor lass was forced to use the
911 as her daily driver; since, despite its many virtues, a 911 makes a
rather poor choice for a 4-person car-pool hauler (and she didn't leave
home except for errands during the work-week).  Naturally, she always said
she'd be happy with the Syncro, driving the porker was no big favor to

Yeah.  Right...

Shortly after announcing that I had offered the porker to a friend, *she*
made a big fuss and said she'd pony up the additional funds for the V8
5-speed from her "finish-the-basement fund,"  rather than say "Bye-Bye" to
the Porker!

> OTOH, she just doesn't get the interest in inanimate objects...a buddy of
> mine gave me a 24" breaker bar for my birthday a while back, and she
> couldn't figure out why I was so pleased. It *was* a Craftsman... :)

Until the past two or three years (when her chronic lymphocytic leukemia,
compounded by the ravages of a subsequent serious - but thankfully
successful - bout with colon cancer started getting the better of her
energy level), working on the landscaping around the house was her
full-time occupation.  Any of you guys have a frau who would beam with
happiness over receiving a 2-meter steel *breaker-bar* with an 18"x3"x3/8"
chisel on one end and a 4" diameter hammer-knob on the other, for a
birthday gift...?

Mine did!!!  Gotta *love* that woman!

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart