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Re: Is that my turbo doing that?

> Remove intake hose from turbo and see if shaft has excessive play/runout or
> is rubbing.  Disconnect Alt belt and see if grinding stops.  Sounds like
> alt. stator loose, and possible vacuum leak causing the whistle.

It couldn't be a leaking idle stabiliser could it? I have a torn
Y-joint at the valve cover entry point, but I don't think it
would scream when I'm at speed.

What vacuum pipes would need checking?

To check the play/runout or rubbing: pull the intake from the
turbo (ie. pipe from airbox to turbo inlet) and then simply
shake the shaft around, right? Sorry, I'm not very clued up
on turbo maintainance. Should the shaft remain in place vertically
and horizontally if I try and move it around, this would
indicate proper setting, right? I just need to know what sort of
movements of the shaft I am to look out for.


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