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Air conditioner - evaporator

Out of town this weekend, didn't keep up with the digest - now, if I can
fit a wireless modem and a laptop in the RH package shelf of the 5K . . .

Air conditioner parts: None other than J.C. Whitney offers 1975 through
1995 Audi A/C evaporators for $175, specify exact model #, etc., worldwide
shipping available. . .

Since JCW is essentially a mass-marketer, that tells me that these parts
fit something else much more common (Harrison = GM = Chevvy?), and the
reason Audi gets so much money for them is that they are sent via Concorde
to the fatherland, where they are boxed in original edition custom
cardboard boxes with "Vorsprung Durch Hochpreis" lovingly printed on the
box, und so wieter . . .

Bought a set of four shocks for a 1972 MB 300 SEL with air suspension from
JCW once - best local price was $95 each, next best was $145 each. JCW
price was $17 (yes- seventeen) dollars each, fit and worked perfectly.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman