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Re: 90q 20V?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Reed Hitchcock say:

> Can anyone tell me what years the 90q had the 20V 5cyl?  Were these only
> 5-speeds?  I don't know much about the 90 series, but am considering
> buying one..  TIA.

I have one (my wife's). The 1990's were 20V, and I think I've heard of
a few 1991's that had it, too, but I didn't think so.

They are all 5-speeds, and all quattros.

A nice car if you keep it revved, and if you either (a) pay someone
else to work on the engine, or (b) have a good tool kit and don't
mind getting creative about getting to things.

Personally, I find the 90 quite small, and prefer my 100Q.


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