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A nice little windshield wiper upgrade for the 5k.

86-88 5k owners: if you've been annoyed by not being able to fold
the wiper arms out of the way so you can scrape ice from the
windshield, replace the blighters with very late 5k model (early US
100/200 model?) wiper arms. They bolt right on since there was no
change in the wiper mechanism when this change occurred. The
P/Ns are

443 955 407 F    wiper arm (right)
443 955 407 E    wiper arm (left) with air vane
1J0 955 205       hole plug for wiper arm (one needed for each arm)

This change supposedly occurred at chassis 44-J-006xxx.  My car
is 44-J-006215, 1988 model year, and it came with the old style
arms. My motivation was originally to replace the badly rock chipped
originals, but I uncovered this little bonus in the process.

The blade attachment J-hook is deeper on these arms so it is a good
idea to buy new/appropriate Bosch blade assemblies at the same
time so you'll have the correct hinge/adaptors.  Another small point,
the new style hole plugs are tapped into place. Don't break them.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq