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Re: quattro/Quattro

Tom Nas wrote:
> pjrose@servtech.com (Phil & Judy Rose) wrote:
> >Interesting point, Jim. Is lowercase specified (bt Audi) as "correct" for
> >quattro spelling? I note that Audi seems consistently to use a lowercase
> >"quattro" on the  vehicle (grill badge, rear window, etc.). Yet Audi also
> >have been known to use uppercase "Q" in their advertising copy. Was the
> >latter simply a case of bad proofreading? Or corporate schizophrenia?
> My 8/81 UrQ brochure talks about 'Quattro', while the 1/88 UrQ brochure
> says 'quattro'.
> Seems like they made up their minds to go 'all lower case' later on.
> Tom
I have not been following this thread too closely so forgive me if this
has already been stated.  Anyway... I seem to remember that Audi and the
Blizzak ski manufacturer had lawsuit filed againist one another (I don't
remember who filed first) about the "Quattro" logo.  I do not remember
who won but that might be the reason Audi went from "Quattro" to
"quattro."  Does anybody else remember this?  And if so, what was the
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