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FW: RE: Maine Rally Misc. Ramblings

> <<Sprongl can drive!!!>>
> They don't call him the snow master for nothing...you don't win that
> winter rally 5 times, unless you know what you're doing =).
> <<What does the 1984 4000Q driven by Oriesek (total guess)
> use to keep blipping the throttle? Is this because the timing is
> so advanced the car won't idle?>>
> Rui Brasil's new S2 does the same thing at idle.
> <<Silly that the only car to seriously stuff itself into the bank,
> ditch, and large rock at my corner was a sweep car? Ouch.>>
> There was a sweep car that rolled over on the first corner of a stage
> in Washington once =).
> <<How many Rabbits, Golfs, and GTI's can you have in one
> race?>>
> Hey, they're reliable and cheap too! =)
> <<If you have never spectated a rally, you should. I brought along
> my brother and another first time lister. Now we're all hooked.>>
> Try volunteering for an event.  You will get to see some awesome
> starts and finishes or get to see some awesome corners.  Being a
> volunteer definitely gives the best spectating places.
> At the Reno Rally we had this past weekend, I was responsible for
> timing and scoring, and also started stage 5, and was service crew for
> a team!  I did get to see quite a bit of the rally though.  We got
> some snow the night before and I was quite jealous of the people that
> got to run ;-).
> cya!
> -mark nelson
> mailto:markn@brls.com
> http://www.quattrosport.com