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re: 90q 20V?

>> Can anyone tell me what years the 90q had the 20V 5cyl?  Were these only
>> 5-speeds?  I don't know much about the 90 series, but am considering
>> buying one..  TIA.


The 1990 and 1991 90q's had the 20V.  There's supposed to be a badge on
the back stating so.  All 80q/90q's (even the later V6 models) came only
in stick.  The A4q is the first of the B series to be offered with an
automatic. If you want an automatic quattro, your choices are the V8q,
'92 and newer 100CSq/A6q, and A4q.

I thought about getting one of these, but settled on an '88 90q
instead.  The 20V cars are quite a bit more expensive,  aren't that much
faster, get worse gas mileage, and are more expensive to maintain.  They
do have a few more amenities, like power seats with memory, automatic
climate control, and headlight washers. 

I figure if I wanted a 20V, I would get a '91 200Q or S4/S6.  There's a
big difference between the 10V and 20V turbo engines!

'88 90q
'93 100CSq

Steve Valin		sjv@netapp.com         408.367.3566