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98 A4 Climate Control

> my wife's A4 avant is finally here. talk about good-handling car,
> this is one fun wagon. ;-)
> anyway i have one question: does the climate control set the
> fan speed automatically (usually higher fan speed when the
> car is still cold) even when the system has been set to MANUAL
> (and the display says "MAN" as well)?

>From my experience, it's actually proportionally adjusting over time.

For instance, if I start up with auto on, and it thinks the fan speed
should be 100%, and I manually kick it down to 50%, then it will keep that
"change" (i.e., I want it to have a fan speed equal to half of what it
thinks it should be).  So later during the drive, when the auto wants the
fan speed to be 70%, it'll make it 35% (since I want it to be half of
that).  Very cool.  Now that winter's approaching, I've also noticed it
keeps a low fan speed (in auto) when cold started, until the engine is
warm (so it doesn't blow cold air at you).

Of course, I *am* a computer programmer, so maybe I'm just imagining that
there's a cool algorithm behind it all :)

97 A4 1.8tq