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Re: 4kq brake question

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Ok,
>     this may be a stupid question.  But is there any visual way to see
> when your front brake rotors wear out without measuring with a special
> tool. Is there any sort of visual reference mark to tell.  I plan to
> upgrade mine to ATE slotted rotors this summer with MM pads or maybe
> something better like Ferrodo's or similar.  I just know my rotors are
> old and wonder if it needs to be done sooner.
>     I might put G-60 on but dont want to lose my 14" wheels for the
> winter.  If I roll my fenders then how big can I go with 15"s and can I
> buy a speed correction device to correct the speedo.  OR re-calibrate
> it?
>     Just wondering.  I know you can with many 4x4's out there since
> people lift them and fun huge tires.  How about quattro's.
>     OK, I'll stop babbling.  Happy Holidays.
>             Todd Phenneger
>             84' 4kq