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Engine Knocking 4kq

    Sounds to me like you have a broken stud on your exhuast manifold.
Mine is busted too.  Real pain to fix.  The location looks right.  So
are the symtoms.  Goes away, comes back.  You need to pull the manifold,
replace stud and gasket and re-install.
    Seems to me you might as well drop in a 2.3 or a Turbo while you are
at it. ;-)
Ha, Ha.  Anyhow, thats my opinion for what its worth.  Anyone else.  L8R

            Todd Phenneger
            84' 4kq
            2.5" Borla exhaust drowns out my leak
            It snowed today.  Love IT.  Such fun in the parking lots.
ANd passing stuck 4x4 trucks. :)