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Re: quattro/Quattro -Reply

** High Priority **

>>> Sean Upchurch <upchurch@cdicadwa.com> - 12/8/97 1:17 PM >>>
-Anyway... I seem to remember that Audi and the
Blizzak ski manufacturer had lawsuit filed againist one another (I
don't remember who filed first) about the "Quattro" logo.  I do not
remember who won but that might be the reason Audi went from
"Quattro" to
>>>>Unless I'm entirely off-line...I just have to throw in a comment
in case a thousand of you just ran off to your Lexus-Nexus system to
check on Blizzak v VAG.
Many run Blizzaks on the snow, but I don't think that they're
strapped under foot too often.
Of course, a few Austrians have been known to ski with Blizzards
every now and again....

Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro
San Mateo, CA