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New head: New headaches (My 1.8T got 'serviced')

OK. Its been 1 week since my 97 A4 turbo went to the shop to have the
head replaced. (Head cracked)

A week driving that jetta left me with withdrawal systems. When I
finally got my car back, I didnt mind that they washed the car. I jumped
into the car sped away home.

I usually let the night tech do all the work, but I guess he was smart
enough to let the day guy do the job.

I rewashed the car (and YOU wouldnt?) and spotted some problems.
1: Coolant Low (at min)
2: washer fluid low (empty)
3: everything was greasy... coolant cap, dipstick, intake manifold
4: trim below drivers windshield out of place
5: scuffs along the back edge of the hood
6: a clicking noise from the engine while at idle
7: >>>a paint chip on the front end not caused by flying stones. Its on
a horizontal surface. Very evident it was caused when re-installing the

Most everything can be cleaned-topped-up-buffed, etc, and has been. I'll
let the shop take care of the fluids. And I'll keep an ear on the new

[rant on]
Why did the car leave the shop with minimal coolant, engine bay greasy,
parts loose, and paint damage??
[rant off]

Im calling tonite about the coolant. ("Just add water.")
While Im at it, Im going to ask about that new chip (2mm).

Aren't they responsible for that damage???

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8Tqm w/ new 20v head.