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Putzy drivers [WAS: Re: Maine Rally Misc. Ramblings]

 # > Silly that the only car to seriously stuff itself into the bank,
 # > ditch, and large rock at my corner was a sweep car? Ouch.
 # Ahh yes... I heard of that, some putz in one of those nuevo-quattros
 # (Diamond Star Talon/Eclipse) was it? 

... doncha just love it when someone flubs in public view?

My favorite was at the Monterey Historical Races a few years back when 
Mercedes-Benz was the featured marque.  They had a guy with one of the 
new styled 500 SLs taking laps with a couple young'uns waving from the 
back.  Juan Manuel Fangio was following in a beautiful car he had driven 
many years back.  At the bottom of the corkscrew there is a deceptive 
little off camber left called turn 9 ... on one lap you heard this 
screeching sound and watch the nice little 500 SL doing a loop in the 
dirt ... no damage to the car other than perhaps the flat spots on the 
tires.  The best part of the experience for me was seeing Fangio's 
reaction ... he was at WOT and running as soon as the line cleared ... :)

The 500 SL driver did get a good round of applause the next lap ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)