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Re: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

Old argument.  332 is correct, from Phil, from the Microfiche.  It is
somewhat _less_ than 300 if the 2079 tool is used.

We used to think that it was over 400, and there are _many_ arguments
in the archives about torque wrenches, levers etc. and we don't want to
go there again!


> Having replaced the timing belt on the 5kq I5 with the Paul Heneghan method of calibrating my wife, ie. placing my 110
> lb. green eyed beauty three feet out on the bar to get 330 lb/ft of torque on the damper bolt, I now have a new variable.

> > Subject       Damper Torque
> >    Date:
> >         Mon, 08 Dec 1997 10:03:43
> >
> >
> > Geo,
> > Read your post re: 310 lbs of torque...
> > My recollection is this is not enough.  The 310 lbs is the spec for when
> > using a torque multiplier.
> > You really want about twice that much.  i.e. a 200 lb person on the end of
> > a three foot pipe.
> > Dave C.
> > David Conner  Columbus, OH
> > '87 5KS, and '89 100E,  both w/ Boge TG
> > '86 4KCSQ w/Koni Sport adj. & LOUD exhaust
> >
>   It has been many years since I was in a physics class, but I'm assuming force = weight x radius with the axis being
> known.  I really don't want to go at this sucker again, at least for another 60k!  Any help on this would be greatly
> appreciated.

> geo