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Re: Do drilled/grooved discs warp less?

>>>I was just wandering if drilled or grooved brake discs warp less
>>>than flat surface ones.

Only in that they will dissapate heat better which is mostly true for
drilled rotors and not so much for slotted.  The slotted rotors are
mostly to allow gas to escape from "hot" pads...thus the term: "I'd like
you to "gas slot" my rotors."  For street only use IMHO gas
slotting or cross drilling is a waste of time and money unless you're
REALLY getting into out there...in which case you need to slow
down :-)

>>>I know they give better braking,

Again, only in the sense that they will allow gas to escape and/or provide
better cooling under extreme conditions.

>>>but the pads don't last as long as flats.

Actually, I've been told (anyone else know this?) that gas slotting may
actually increase the life of "hard pads" (ie, they'll chew up
organics or low quality semi-metallic)..........

>>>I'm asking as I am going to be fitting new discs all round (I need to do
 so and I won't be fitting Audi equipment, but an aftermarket
>>>standard kind of thing)

If you're not taking it to the track I'd go with the regular flat discs.

>>>> take the to the local engineering joint and have them drill them for
better performance and safety.

If you do, take them to a place that knows what they're doing....An
Experienced Performance shop or someone like Bob D'Amato.

Paul Royal

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200T)