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Audi "ute" /gotta have quattro

No, not a new vehicle type, an old one. Specifically, my wife's '84 4k
fwd with funky odometer that reads over 200k miles despite only working
very intermittently. This old car has become the family "ute" as they
say down under since the addition of the 200q to the stable. I normally
drive a q, but I was hauling some books and recycleables Sunday in the
4k in the rain. I noticed that every time I left a stop sign or stop
light I would spin a front tire. I got kinda' annoyed, having to let off
the gas a little to let the tire grip every time. I wasn't driving
particularly agressively. It just made me appreciate quattro a little
more, as it seems that I must use it a lot in the rain and not even
realise it.
P.S. My wife won't even drive the 4k any more. I think she is addicted
to 3b power.