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Re: Audi WAGON! in Autoweek...340HP

>In case you didn't see it....Dec. 8 Issue:

>Reportedly coming from Audi 1998-1999
As usual Audi is lagging a year behind before introducing a new model
on the US marked. Possible because the need to modify the engine to
work on the low octane gas they are using over there. 

>An Audi Wagon with a reworked 4.2L V8 a la A8 with 340HP
It's called the Audi S8 and share the same frame as the A8.
The engine output 250 KW in europe and a little less in USA. 

>An Audi Wagon "beefy" version intended to compete with the likes of Volvo
>....and more...that I can't afford.

About 90000 $ in the US, and here in Norway where I live it cost
about 220000 $. (yes, 220000 $).

John Torset
Amiga 4000