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re: Carlisle Import show

BTDT, as I live about 40 minutes from Carlisle. Decided two years ago it
would make good sense for me to have a space there instead of begging
someone else to sell parts for me. 
This could be a good event for the Q-listers. I'm amazed at the sheer
number of people I meet and the inquisitive questions asked regarding
any and all of the cars I have. Some of the Fiat guys never make it off
the show field...they are constantly fielding inquiries from the public
and, like any Audi 5000 owner, are re-educating them about the car's
real attributes. Very festive atmosphere. It's quite possible to find
good Audi bargains in the vendor area since few Audi guys show up. Lots
of VWs, Volvos, British stuff, some Alfas, Fiats and even a couple of
Opels, including a Kadett (remember those?). There is usually a guy with
a NSU Ro80 that makes an appearance too. Great fun just to see the
Advance motel reservations for saturday night are essential. Friday
night isn't as bad. Anyone needing "local" details just ask.
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