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Re: Do drilled/grooved discs warp less?

The theory that a non-cross drilled rotor warps almost regardless I
don't agree with. Not unless the person is driving hard and riding the
brake all the time like autocross. 

My guess is there was another problem apparent when the original rotors
where replaced with the new drilled rotors. Where the calipers replaced
at the same time? It may have been a caliper dragging a little heating
up the rotor, and the next time the brakes were hit hard...warpage. The
other possiblity could be the original rotors where turned down below
spec. This would cause the rotors to warp easily as well.

I guess the point I am trying to make is, (for the average driver) there
is no need for cross-drilled rotors. There should also be no problem
with warpage as long as the rest of the system is in good order.