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New A6 Avant vs. MB New EClass T Model vs VW New Passat Estate

Latest Auto Motor un Sport has the A6 Avant on the cover.
Looks like Audi promo shots. 
Iteresting note. New A6 Wagon Cargo Capacity seats up:475 Litres.
New VW Vento (AKA Jetta) 550 Litres. Hmmmmmmm........

My Peugeot 505 Wagon is the largest European wagon aside from Minivans.
Unfortunately as it approaches 300K Miles, it is rapidly  requiring
replacement. It has survived 2 teenagers and 10 years of commercial use.

I checked out the new Mercedes E Class Wagon, it is really nice,
but the quality if the interior fittings is not as nice as Audi,
and the older E-Class Wagon may actually be built better (says the 
mechanics). So I measured the cargo area. Much bigger than the new Audi,
but still smaller than my Peugeot .

Know any cool wagons that can take a 4x8 sheet of plywood?

Well, I sure love driving my 91 200 tqw, just wish it was a little 

So, the new Passat is as big as the MB in cargo capacity, half the price 
(projected US price), probably last as long, almost the same power (193 
PS VW), insures for less, and a proven quattro system.

It is even a better deal than the Volvo 70 series. 

Maybe that was Piech's marketing pitch. Audi for fashion, VW for utility.
Who knows.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, etc.

Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
90 V8
91 200 TQW

and 2 other misc. foreign cars.