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re: Subject: 4kq misc questions

You wrote:
<<Heater: The heat seems to be a bit finicky. When I bought the car last
April, it blew hot air regardless of where the lever was. Then one day,
it started blowing cool air if it was all the way to the left, but the
slightest movement to the right blew very hot air (what a PITA).
Anyways, it now has a bit more of a range, but seems to fluctuate an
awful lot. Any ideas? The cable and the coolant valve seem to be
operating correctly...>>

The cable must be properly secured in the engine bay, or it will flex and only
move the coolant valve slightly.  Also, on my old car, the coolant valve got
difficult to move due to dirt and age, and worked better after lubrication.  I
also found that I could loosen the wire clip and move the wire retaining
position slightly to get fully cold air in summer, and move it again for
winter to get fully hot air.  Of course, you could just replace the heater

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
Former '86 4000csq, current '91 200q