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Re: Engine Still Knocking 4K q

The Shadow <TheShadow@ConnectCorp.net> wrote:
> David Thoresen was concerned about his engine still knocking.
> Check the vacuum pump by removing it from the block.  Then reinstall it
> without the cam follower.  If the knocking goes away you have oil in the
> vacuum pump.  Carefully take the pump apart, clean it and put it back on
> with the cam follower in place.  You'll be as good as new until the pump
> gets oil in it again.  (usually about a year)
> The Shadow

Really?  I didn't know any of us _knew_ what the failure mode was.  I 
assumed it was some spring inside wearing out, or a seal blowing.  Also, 
another lister was experimenting with turning the spring or spring
90 degrees or so, thereby tightening the spring and making the noise go 

This is the first I've heard of the pump filling w/oil.  How long have 
we (the q-list) known about this?  Or have we?

If it's true, "You learn something new every day."