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Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall...

This weeks issue of Automotive News Europe mentions that although
Daimler-Benz has not let outsiders test the new MB/Swatch Smart microcar in
moose-avoidance tests, they do admit to a Smart rolling nose first during
an emergency braking test from 100 km/h.... :^)

Audi starts Al2 (may be called A2) production in the spring of 1999,
hopefully they fill be smarter (no pun intended) than the A-class ans Smart
engineers.  I bet the Daimler-Benz guys did not go to University of

Jouko Haapanen (UW Mech Eng 1989)
Pori, Finland
97 A4 1.8T quattro
89 911 Carrera 3.2 25th Anniv. edition