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Re: Engine Still Knocking 4K q

Think there is supposed to be oil in it for lubrication.
The issue is "Clean oil". The pump lubricates on a splash
in splash out mode which allows it to be a collector of
grime and sludge. That rod does not need to stick very much
to make a most impressive racket. First time I heard it I
thought my rod bearings were going. Keeping everything
clean works fine for me.


> > without the cam follower.  If the knocking goes away
you have oil in the
> > vacuum pump.  Carefully take the pump apart, clean it
and put it back on
> > with the cam follower in place.  You'll be as good as
new until the pump
> > gets oil in it again.  (usually about a year)

> Really?  I didn't know any of us _knew_ what the failure
mode was.  I 
> assumed it was some spring inside wearing out, or a seal
blowing.  Also, 
> another lister was experimenting with turning the spring
or spring
> holder