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Re: Requiem for a quattro (long)

     Firstly Phil I'm very pleased to hear your okay! Second it takes a lot 
     of courage to post your experiences to the list, there will hopefully 
     be other list members that can learn from your experience.
     I have experienced the effects of "lift throttle steering" in an ur-q 
     on two occasions. The first time I was lucky, the second time not so. 
     I would advise all quattro owners who have not done so and drive in 
     snow to find a long flat stretch of deserted highway with a slippy 
     surface (snow, ice, standing water whatever). Accelerate hard in a 
     straight line and then lift off the throttle suddenly, if your happy 
     with the control of the car do the same thing and clutch at the same 
     time. Just make sure you have lots of room to control the car. I found 
     it very difficult to recover from the above situation using 
     traditional opposite lock steering as the car pendulums. Restoring 
     traction first by releasing the brake or engaging the clutch is the 
     first step and this may not be every bodies first reaction. BTDT.
     4 x 0 = 0
     Best regards, Mike