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Re: New head: New headaches (My 1.8T got 'serviced')

>OK. Its been 1 week since my 97 A4 turbo went to the shop to have the
>head replaced. (Head cracked)

What happened that the head failed? I've got a 97 A4 1.8Tq, so I'm 
interested in what they had to say about why it let go.

>A week driving that jetta left me with withdrawal systems. When I
>finally got my car back, I didnt mind that they washed the car. I jumped
>into the car sped away home.

<---SNIP post about shotty detailing post-service which is inexcusible. 
You'd figure they would get the clue that cleaning the car right is a 
fairly cheap way of improving your satisfaction with the job the service 
techs did...--->


"The difference between genius and stupidity 
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