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Re: Temperature sensors

Jeff Witwer wrote:
> I have an 86 5kTQ and am trying to diagnose the erratic operation of my
> temperature gauge.  There are 3 temperature sensors that screw into the
> fitting to which the upper radiator hose is connected.  One of these is has
> 4 connectors and is located on the bottom of the housing.  I have replaced
> this one, and it seems to have made no difference in the gauge operation.
> I am not sure what it sensed, but I guess that replacement was wasted $.
> The other two sensors are on the top and back of the fitting and have one
> and two connectors respectively.  The pictures in Bentley do not show my
> particular model and the dealer's exploded drawings do not clearly show
> these sensors either.  Thanks.
> Jeff Witwer
> E-mail: jwitwer@intellicorp.com

The one facing the back turnes on electric water pump and rad fan when 
the engine is off.
Mike Z