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Has anyone run 18" wheels on a 200q?

This evening, my father handed me a check to replace the 8x17 Compomotive
MOs that he scuffed up on my 200q ... I'd originally told him to forget
about it -- I did FAR more damage than that to his cars when I was younger
-- but he insisted.  The scruffy wheels will now become track wheels for the
Ur-Q as soon as the 235/40-17 BFG R1s become available early next year...

So, now that I see Compomotive has an 8x18 version of the wheel available,
I'm thinking about going with a set of these instead and fitting some
225/35-18s ... based on some rough measurements, I *think* they will fit but
I'll obviously have to investigate this further before I place an order.
I'm still not sure I want to perform any modifications to the body as I sort
of like the "stealth" look ... of course, if I had '91 style flares, I bet I
could fit 255/35-18s!

Has anyone run 18" wheels on this car?  Frankly, I don't have any experience
with them but since I haven't had any problems with my present 17" ones (our
roads are pretty smooth out here and we don't get any snow to cause
frost-heaves or potholes), I'm inclined to give them a try.

As always, any input will be appreciated...
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