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Re: Requiem for a quattro (long)

first of all, my condolences to phil.   if i may, i'd like to repeat
the following seasonal nag:

i've always felt that having proper snow tires is even more vital in a
quattro or any other 4wd vehicle for that matter than a 2wd when there's
white stuff on the ground.

when it snows here, we see far more 4wd vehicles in the ditch or with
body damage than 2wds.

i have a hard time convincing new Q owners that they really need snow
tires for their cars.  but those who have taken the plunge have never
come back to tell me that they've wasted their money.  

lots of people spend lots of money on good summer tires, it's a wonder why
they insist on getting by with minimally adequate or even unsuitable tires
in the winter.  the stakes are so much higher it really looks like false