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hybrid turbos


To replace my totaled 89 200q with the lower compression, single knock 
sensor, K26 turbo MC motor, I am cosidering some cars with the later 
higher-compression, dual knock sensor, k24 turbo MC motor.  Mods will start 
with chip and boost, K+N, and free flow SS borla exhaust (cat back).  For a 
possible next step, I am considering a different turbo, specificly a "RS2" 
unit.  My understanding is that a RS2 turbo is a K26 housing, shaft, and 
compressor wheel, with a K24 turbine wheel.  Sounds to simple, is it true?
If I had a K26 and a K24, couldn't I have a RS2 made from the parts?

Any info regarding STREET (ie, I want less or at least no more lag than a 
low-comp MC w/k26) turbos for the High Comp MC motor would be appreciated.

Thanks, Erik