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Re: 90q20v

>>The 20V cars are quite a bit more expensive,


>>>get worse gas mileage,

Marginally so...

>>>more expensive to maintain

God yes...

>>They do have a few more amenities, like power seats with memory,
automatic climate control, and headlight washers.


>>>aren't that much faster

Bzzzzt...that all depends on whether you're willing to use the high revs
and whether or not you want to be faster between
               80mph and 130mph or between 0 and 30mph...I'll take the
former thanks.  I think it's safe to say that I've had probably
     more expensive headaches with my 20v than anyone on the list since I
bought it....it'll still be worth if if my baby
     lightens up on me a bit for a few months.  I've racked up over 75,000
miles in the last 18 months.

Paul Royal